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Extra Large Plastic Dog Bed

This Extra Large Plastic dog bed with pink tartan cushion pet bed is a splendid size for your furry friend, with multiple compartments and an Extra Large size, Extra Large Plastic pink with white cushion pet bed is will make your pet feel at home. The cushioned surface is splendid for a small dog or small cat and the tartan cushion provides comfortable sleep for a Large pet, this bed effortless to set up and is unequaled for any pet.

Plastic Dog Bed Large

This is a large, black dog bed with a pink cushion basket, it is manufactured for dogs of up to 47 inches tall and up to 25 inches wide. It is wide enough to tailor a small dog or kitty, the Large size makes it top-of-the-heap for Large dogs, and the soft, soft mattress ensures that your dog will sleep contently all night. This Extra Large Plastic dog bed is puissant for a larger dog or a cat, it is fabricated of high-quality Plastic and is making good use of being a dog bed as well as a pet bed. It is a practical way for folks who ache to make their dog or cat feel comfortable and safe, with a spacious size, Extra Large Plastic brown dog pet bed is can fit all the dog's little brother or sister. The soft and comfortable tartan cushion will keep you and your dog comfortable and cozy in each day, this black and green fuchsia Plastic dog bed with a cushion and cat basket is an enticing size for Large dogs and cats. It is Extra Large and makes a top-of-the-heap pet bed, toys and basket too, the black cushion is top-notch forks and you every night while your dog or cat plays. The furry friends can also use the cat basket to get food or water, this bed is a best-in-class surrogate for a Large group of dogs or cats.